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The Touring Club of Tunisia is an association of public interest whose main objective is to favour the development of tourism in all its shapes by the opportunities its gives to its members and at the same time by preserving the colourful and artistic interest required by travelling.

The Touring Club of Tunisia is part of a very large family: I.O.T (The International Organization of Tourism) which includes all the Associations throughout the world that agreed on helping their respective members and therefore on enhancing friendship between the people.

By virtue of international agreements and its membership of IOT, The Touring Club of Tunisia delivers:

Passing cards through customs :
International car registration papers cards :
International driving licenses :
Assistance cards (E.T.I) that enables assistance in all Touring Clubs abroad, in case of a breakdown, an accident or a sickness.

The Touring Club of Tunisia's
activities, which are numerous, aren't limited to the ones already mentioned. In fact, it has created for its members other clubs that are members of the IOT:

1 -A vacation village in Raoued, the first village created in Tunisia
2-"Marhalas" (halts) in Houmt-Souk -- Jerba, Matmata and Nefta
Why these 3 regions? Simply because they offer different aspects of the Southern Tunisian scenery.

Djerba : stands for sun, peace, sand, sea and fish
Matmata :
stands for troglodyte houses, genuine caves carved out of the mountain which are warm during the Winter and cool in the Summer time and which help everyone become "the Cavern Man".
Nefta : stands for oasis, desert miracle springs, date palm trees, the Sahara, mirages and the camels considered as "the desert vessels".
Le Club Noria (Raoued) :
Having a fine sandy beautiful beach, the village is located within a few minutes drive from the Tunis-Carthage airport and from the downtown Tunis, where you shall practice many sports as tennis, windsurfing, horse riding etc…), enjoy the lively and well measured activities and taste its good meals at its different locations: the main restaurant, the swimming pool snack bar, the pizzeria, the restaurant  à la carte and in the night club.

The Touring Club of Tunisia has chosen these four regions in order to install its "Marhalas", which are kind of small typical hotels, fitting the style of the region where they are built. These hotels are simply but comfortably furnished, they provide you with room and board and with its NORIA vacation club which is close to the downtown.